P-Card Tips

Office Depot Account Billing to Credit Card Billing

For P-Card holders to switch the Office Depot method of payment from Account Billing (Blanket) to Credit Card Billing requires approval of the departmental budget head. Approvals may be sent via email to cganderson@ualr.edu or memo to Clarice Anderson in Procurement Services.

Registration Fees

Registration fees for conferences may be paid with the P-Card. No other travel expenses may be paid with the P-Card.

Office Depot P-Card Users

Office Depot P-Card holders that are using the Credit Card Billing should attach the Order Confirmation to the Transaction Log for the detailed receipt.


Receipts that exceed the length of a page may be cut carefully between items and taped on a sheet of paper. Documents are scanned and pages connected by long receipts are unable to be scanned.

Tape Placement

Avoid placing tape over the text; the tape causes the text to be illegible, which may result in the request for a replacement receipt.

Description of Goods and Services/Comments

When describing goods/services in the Comments box in Transaction Management, please make sure you give clear descriptions. For example, if you purchased office supplies, do not just type “Office Supplies”; instead, describe what those office supplies were. You may group some items. For instance, if you bought ten different types of pens, you do not have to list each brand/model and can group them together as “pens.”


Items covered by non-mandatory or cooperative contracts may be purchased using the P-Card if purchasing from a contract vendor, except furniture. All furniture purchased must be coordinated by Procurement Services.

Federal Express

UALR receives discounted pricing from FedEx through the use of the WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Contract. Procurement Services has asked FedEx to review our accounts and make sure that the correct discounts are being applied to every account. Please send us your FedEx account number via email to dshankins@ualr.edu so that we may verify the discounts on your account. This is just part of our ongoing efforts to achieve maximum savings for your department.