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1. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock
The History of UALR 1-1

The Campus and Facilities 1-2
University Statements: Mission, Objectives, Role and Scope 1-3
Accreditations and Affiliations 1-4
Academic Organization 1-5
Degrees 1-6
Minors 1-7

2. University of Arkansas System and Policies
University of Arkansas Mission 2-1
University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy Statements 2-1
Universitywide Administrative Memoranda 2-3

3. Governance and Administration of the University of Arkansas System
Board Policy 100.4 3-1

4. Administrative Organization of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
The Board of Visitors 4-1

Vice Chancellor and Provost 4-1
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 4-1
Deans of Colleges/Schools 4-2
Dean of the Graduate School 4-2
Director of the Library 4-3
Director of the Donaghey Scholars Program 4-3
Off-Campus Credit Coordinator 4-3
Department Chairs 4-4
Director of Research and Sponsored Programs 4-4
Graduate Program Coordinators 4-5
Faculty Prerogatives 4-5
UALR Administrative Groups 4-5
Deans Council 4-5
Department Chairs Council 4-5
Graduate Coordinators Committee 4-5
UALR Administrative Committees 4-5
Behavioral Standards Committee 4-6
Collegiate Academic Advising Steering Committee 4-6
Commission on the Status of Women 4-6
Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee 4-6
Human Relations Committee 4-6
Human Subjects Committee (Institutional Review Board) 4-7
Humane Animal Care Committee 4-7
Premedical Advisory Committee 4-7
Radiation Safety Committee 4-7
Student Affairs Committee 4-7
University Judicial Appeals Committee 4-8
Special Committees of the Faculty Senate 4-8
Academic Adjustment Committee 4-8
Catastrophic Leave Committee 4-8
Academic Technology and Computing Committee 4-9

5. Constitution of the University Assembly of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Composition and Function of the UALR Assembly 5-1
Composition of the UALR Assembly 5-1
Functions of the UALR Assembly 5-1
Officers of the Assembly 5-1
The Executive Committee of the Assembly 5-2
Meetings of the Assembly 5-2
Committees and Councils of the Assembly 5-3
Bylaws of the University Assembly 5-4
Amending the Constitution 5-5
The Faculty Senate 5-5
Composition of the Faculty Senate 5-5
Functions of the Faculty Senate 5-6
Officers of the Faculty Senate 5-6
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate 5-7
Meetings of the Faculty Senate 5-7
Elections of the Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Officers 5-8
Councils and Committees of the Faculty Senate 5-8
Bylaws of the Faculty Senate 5-12
College, School, and Department Meetings 5-13
Composition and Functions of the Staff Senate 5-13


6. Policies Governing Faculty Service
Ranks and Appointments 6-1
Appointment Periods 6-1
Appointments, Promotion, Tenure, Non-Reappointment, and Dismissal of Faculty (Board Policy 405.1) 6-2
UALR Criteria and General Standards for Initial Appointment, Successive Appointments, Promotion, and Awarding of Tenure 6-9
Faculty Evaluation Procedures 6-10
Annual Faculty Review 6-10
Post-Tenure Review 6-12
Faculty Excellence Awards 6-12
Department of Excellence Award 6-15
Retrenchment 6-15

7. Information Related to Faculty Service
Faculty Responsibilities 7-1
Absence from Work 7-2
Adjunct Faculty 7-2
Alcohol Use Problems Policy for UALR Employees 7-2
Assessment 7-3
Athletes¸Faculty Class Reports 7-3
Attendance at Commencement 7-3
Attendance at Professional Meetings 7-3
Book Ordering 7-3
Concurrent Employment 7-4
Copyright 7-4
Course Syllabus 7-4
Development and Fundraising Activities 7-4
Dismissal of Classes for Speakers, Concerts and Similar Activities 7-4
Distinguished Professorships 7-4

Disturbances and Demonstrations 7-5
Drop Date 7-5
Early Retirement 7-5
E-Mail and Privacy Concerns 7-5
Emeritus Status 7-5
Enrollment in University Courses 7-6
Extra Compensation Policy 7-7
Field Trips 7-8
Fringe Benefits 7-8
Garnishment and Salary Liens 7-8
Grades 7-8
HIV Policy 7-9
Holidays 7-10
Identification Cards 7-10
Inclement Weather Policy 7-10
Keys 7-11
Leave Policies for Academic and Other Non-Classified Personnel 7-11
Sick Leave 7-11
Annual Leave 7-12
Military Leave 7-12
Court and Jury Leave 7-12
Leave-of-Absence Without Pay 7-13
Vacation Leave for Graduate Study 7-13
Catastrophic Leave 7-13
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 7-13
Lecturer 7-13
Moving Expense 7-14
Nepotism Policy 7-14
Off-Site Use of University Equipment 7-14
Off-Campus Duty Assignment 7-14
Office Hours 7-15
Outside Employment of Faculty and Administrative Staff Members for Compensation 7-15
Part-time Faculty 7-15
Patents 7-15
Political Activity 7-16
Publications 7-16
Purchase of Supplies 7-16
Relations with Legislators and Members of Congress 7-16
Resident Status of Faculty and Staff 7-17
Resignation of Employment 7-17
Retirement Age 7-17
Sale of Books 7-17
Sale of University Property 7-17
Smoking Policy 7-18
Standard Work Load 7-18
Student Evaluations of Faculty 7-18
Student Records 7-18
Summer School 7-18
Telephones 7-19
Traffic and Parking Regulations 7-19
Travel Regulations 7-19
Use of Private Vehicles 7-19
Use of University Facilities 7-19
Use of UniversityÔs Name 7-20
Use of University Vehicles 7-21
Visiting Faculty 7-21
WorkerÔs Compensation 7-21

8. Research and Sponsored Programs
Internal Grant Funds 8-1
Faculty Scholarship Awards 8-1
Faculty Support Fund 8-1
Curriculum Development Grant Program 8-1
Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Misconduct in Research and Service 8-2

9. Grievances and Appeals
Academic Integrity and Grievance Policy 9-1
Academic Offenses 9-4
Grade Appeals 9-9
Classroom Disruptions and Steps toward Redress 9-15
Appeal Procedures and Instruction for University Judicial Appeals Committee 9-15
Faculty Appeals and Grievance Procedures 9-16

10. Nondiscrimination Policies
Laws Affecting Operating Policies 10-1
UALR Academic Adjustment Policy for Students with Disabilities 10-1
UALR Policy on Discriminatory Harassment and Equal Opportunity 10-5
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Sexual Harassment Policy 10-5
Grievance Procedures - Complaints of Discrimination 10-10

Academic Calendar

Organizational Charts


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