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May 12, 2004

Members Present:Rosalie Cheatham, Carol Macheak, Allan Patenaude, Susan Hoffpauir, Mike Tramel, Suzann Barr, Pam Warrick, Carl Stapleton, Luana Adams, Bruce Lindeman, Eileen Turan, Betty Wood

Members Absent:Kaay Burris, Alicia Sims, Stephanie Salva, Chad Stover, Dallas Heltz, Jim Nickels

Ex-Officio Members Present:Jerry Stevenson, La Toya Howard, Sandra Dannaway

Ex-Officio Members Absent:Lindsay Howell, Thea Hoeft

Others Present:Daryl Rice, Jimmy Greer (Records & Registration)

  1. Welcome

  2. Meeting was called to order at 12:30pm
  3. Discussion of Minutes, May 5, 2004
    Minutes were approved as corrected
  4. New Business
    • Speech Communication
      • 099 Course Addition: SPCH 4550/5550 Effective Crisis Communication

      • Make a note of 1300 as prerequisite and make it consistent with the catalog

        Needs a faculty to student ratio

        Motion passed to suspend the rules after the first reading

        Passed-with corrections
    • History
      • 100 Course Suspension: HIST 4341 History of Chinese Philosophy
      • 101 Course Suspension: HIST 4323 History of Canada
      • 102 Course Suspension: HIST 4310 Medieval War
      • 103 Course Suspension: HIST 3311 Medieval Origins
      • 104 Course Suspension: HIST 3310 Age of Charlemagne
      • 105 Course Suspension: HIST 3334 Imperial Spain 1400-1700
      • 106 Course Suspension: HIST 4387 Great Decisions in America Foreign Policy

      • These courses will serve as the test run of the new Course Suspension category

        Course Suspension: Records and Registration will run a report that will produce courses that have not been taught in five years; “course suspension” choice will be added to Form II; course can be brought out of suspension with a Form II and a new syllabus
      • 108 Changes to the History Major/Social Studies Minor Degree Plan
        Motion passed to suspend the rules after the first reading

    • Psychology
      • 107 Change Description: PSYC 4301 Drug Abuse

      • Motion passed to suspend the rules after the first reading

    • Art
      • 109 New department of Art Minor/Photography Minor

      • Motion passed to suspend the rules after the first reading

  5. Old Business
    • Construction Management
      • 081 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 1305 Drawings & Specifications
      • 082 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2195 Service Learning
      • 083 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2310 Materials & Methods I
      • 084 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2312 Materials & Methods II
      • 085 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2314 Service Systems of Bldgs
      • 086 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2316 Construction Surveying
      • 087 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 2323 Construction Administration
      • 088 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3195 Community Service Projects
      • 089 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3322 Concrete Construction
      • 090 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3327 Field Operations
      • 091 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3333 Statics & Strengths of Matris
      • 092 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3342 Construction Safety
      • 093 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 3347 Solis and Foundations
      • 094 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 4311 Estimating
      • 095 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 4322 Building Structure Design
      • 096 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 4329 Const Planning & Scheduling
      • 097 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 4334 Const Contracts & Law
      • 098 Change Prerequisite: CNMG 4345 Construction Management

      • Passed

        Requisite: will be a required course that can either be taken with a course or prior to a Course (“requisite” of prerequisite and corequisite)
  6. Other Business
    • Program Reviews
      • Point person on each committee finishes their report according to the outline that was given and email the report to La Toya Howard ( by June 1, 2004
    • D-Policy Form
      • Dr. Jerry Stevenson passed out an example of the D-policy form and it was critiqued by the Council
      • Each college will have one representative that will have final approval over D-policy forms
      • Council discussed Chancellor’s concerns about only allowing usage of the D-policy one time
      • Chair entertained a motion to amend the D-Policy: Students will be allowed to use the D-Policy more than once

      • Passed
      • Faculty senate will ratify the motion in the fall
    • Articulation
      • The Chair entertained a motion that if the science course taken at another state school satisfied the core of that school then those courses would satisfy the science core at UALR

      • Passed
      • Council discussed pros and cons of certain courses satisfying the core at UALR from other state schools
      • Dr. Stevenson suggested that transfer courses be looked at to see if they fit into the five categories of UALR’s core if they do not then they will be counted as electives
      • Council discussed concerns that academic advisors on campus do not follow the same process when it comes to articulation
      • It was suggested that guidelines be set for everyone to follow
      • Daryl Rice passed out his solution to articulation: “Principles for Articulating Arkansas State Minimum Core to UALR Standard Core” He suggested the more detailed rules all followed from the more general Principle II—that while meeting the obligations of State Minimum Core policy (which sometimes requires treating transfer students differently from native UALR students), the articulation should require students to meet as nearly as possible the same requirements as those that non-transfer students have to meet
      • The Council discussed concerns about those students attending more than one university and the difficulty of taking all of those school’s cores into consideration when it came to articulation
      • Dr. Stevenson clarified that only one school’s core can be used when it comes to articulation
      • Daryl Rice noted that according to the set of principles he was proposing (specifically Principle III), the institution selected for this purpose must be to the greatest advantage of the student—that is, that institution should be chosen which obligates UALR to count the greatest number of courses toward its core (applying the other principles in this document)—without regard for the chronology of attendance at the various institutions
      • Motion to accept “Principles for Articulating Arkansas State Minimum Core to UALR Standard Core” (composed by Rice)

      • Passed
      • Motion to accept “Principles for Articulating Arkansas State Minimum Core to UALR CISSE Core” (also composed by Daryl Rice)

      • Passed

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Notice: Actions of the Council are official when the minutes of a meeting are approved, normally the Wednesday following the meeting in which an item is passed. In the event the Council does not meet on the following Wednesday, actions as recorded in the minutes are considered official ten (10) calendar days from the meeting date unless otherwise indicated.

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