Thesis or Comprehensive Exam Information

Thesis (Optional)

Master’s students may choose to complete and present a thesis, involving the design of an original empirical study, data collection, analysis, and a write-up of the study hypotheses and findings. The thesis must fulfill the requirements of the Graduate School, described in the UA Little Rock Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. Students work closely with a Thesis Committee Chair to develop an original empirical project, which is evaluated and approved by a committee chosen by the student and his/her advisor. Students work independently during all aspects of the thesis, including design, data collection, analysis, and write-up. A final report is written by the student, approved by the Thesis Committee, and submitted to the Graduate School for credit towards the Master’s degree. You can find more information and guidance under the “Guidelines for Creating and Completing the Thesis” tab in M.A.P. Student Resources.

Comprehensive Exams (Non-Thesis option)

Students who choose not to pursue a thesis, must complete comprehensive exams. The exam committee will be comprised of three graduate faculty in the program. They will develop a written and oral exam that assesses the student’s ability to synthesize the research literature in the field as well as make decisions based on the body of research that reflects best practices. Areas of examination include Ethics & Professionalism; Data Analysis and Interpretation; Industrial/Organizational Theory; and Personnel Assessment, Placement and Management.