Julie Steel, PhD, Assistant Professor

Dr. Steel received her B.A. at Hendrix College and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville. She joined the UALR Psychology faculty in 2009.


Dr. Steel teaches Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Online Social Psychology, and Research Methods I.

Research Interests

Dr. Steel’s primary research interests deal with understanding justice reactions following transgressions in social dilemmas.  Specifically, she has been concerned with situational, affective, and cognitive factors that lead underprivileged or under-compensated group members to seek justice following negative or undesirable outcomes.  Put simply, Dr. Steel wants to better understand the circumstances that lead people to react to others who have harmed them in some way, and currently she has been focusing on vengeance motivations in these dilemmas.

Current Projects

Dr. Steel is currently working on several exciting projects dealing with prosocial behavior, computer simulations, the role of sleepiness and vengeance, and understanding the routes to greatest effectiveness in online teaching.   Dr. Steel works with both student and faculty collaborators.  If you are interested in working with her, email her for details.