Statistics and Research Tutoring

If you need one-on-one help in your statistics courses (specifically PSYC 2310, General Statistics, PSYC 2340 Statistics I, PSYC 3342 Statistics II, PSYC 3341 Research Methods, SOCI 3381 Social Statistics, or STATS 2350 Intro to Stat Methods) then sign up for a free tutoring session. The available tutors are listed below. To sign up for a tutoring session, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your UALR email and your Google Calendar; then
  2. Click on the tutor’s name below…that will take you to a Google Calendar (similar to your own) that will show available tutoring slots. The slots are in 30 minute increments…if you need more than that, you may sign up for more than one slot.
  3. Choose the open tutoring slot that best fits your schedule. You will be prompted to include your name, a contact number, and a brief description of your tutoring needs.
  4. Click SAVE to make your appointment.
  5. When you go back to your Google calendar, refresh it, and you should see the appointment.

UALR Psychology Statistics Lab Tutors:

Clifton Adamson  – Clifton is a Psychology Senior who plans to graduate in May 2016. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in School Psychology the following year.

Aaron Fletcher – Aaron is a recent graduate of the Psychology B.A. program and is currently a member of the inaugural cohort of the new Master’s of Applied Psychology program here at UALR.