Job Opportunities

Telephone interviewers conduct surveys for various projects with the use of a Macintosh computer-assisted telephone interviewing system (MACATI). Therefore, the successful interviewer is articulate and capable of maneuvering through the computer system.

Telephone interviewers are employed by the School of Public Affairs as part-time staff. The positions carry none of the university benefits. Each of the part-time extra labor employees is employed on an at-will basis and applications are accepted year-round.

A copy of the application is available here.  The application should be filled out and emailed to Call Center Manager, Forrest Goss, at

Full-Time Jobs

At this time, there are no full-time positions available.

Full-time positions in the Survey Research Department will be listed under ‘jobs’ on the UALR Human Resources page or by following the link here.

It is the policy of UALR, the Institute of Government, and the Survey Research Center to provide equal opportunity in employment. These institutions do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, or any other basis protected by law.

The Survey Research Center consists of a full-time Director, Call Center Director, Project Coordinator, Call Center Supervisor, Bilingual Senior Interviewers, and a pool of part-time telephone interviewers appropriate to the workload at a given point of time. The Survey Research Center is under the direction of the Survey Research Center Director.