Goal Five

To serve as an information clearinghouse for campus, community, and statewide initiatives and activities related to race and ethnicity.

A significant amount of activity is occurring in Arkansas related to issues of racial and ethnic justice. As a service to stakeholders in the community and around the state who are addressing race and ethnicity, the Institute will provide a statewide web-based repository of information on initiatives and programs being conducted by civic groups, nonprofits, colleges and universities, and other stakeholders across the state.

We will work to accomplish Goal Five by sharing data and information via the Institute website through:

  • Calendar of statewide events related to race and ethnicity
  • Listing of UALR-related events and programs—Prison Re-Entry, African American Male Initiative, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, Sequoyah National Research Center, and the Wiggins Gallery of Native American Art
  • Website links to resources related to race and ethnicity – data and reports from around the state, listings of kindred organizations with contact information
  • Social media for communication with and among students and others
  • Webinars as a means of dissemination and discussion

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