Goal Three

To build bridges and seek reconciliation through dialogue among people of different racial and ethnic groups.

Conversations about discrimination and injustice, particularly across racial and ethnic lines, are not easy. Yet people understand each other better—what they have in common  and what they do not—if they can sit around a table and talk face to face. The Institute will initiate, sponsor, and co-sponsor a variety of events that have the purpose of building  bridges and enhancing trust through face-to-face dialogue regarding race and ethnicity.

   Community Partnerships           Campus Community

Community Event: Healing the Land Ceremony in Elaine, ArkansasCampus Events

We work to accomplish Goal Three through:

  • Providing opportunities (often in partnership with other organizations) for sustained dialogue on race and ethnicity among groups on campus and in the community
  • Providing assistance, upon request, to communities across Arkansas that want to address local, racial, or ethnic challenges
  • Regular programs for religious leaders, including a Sharing Approaches/Stepping Up Workshop and web resources
  • Ongoing programs aimed at business leaders, including a Why?/How To? Seminar and web resources
  • Develop and implement a Latino/Hispanic Initiative to identify and address challenges and opportunities of the burgeoning Latino/Hispanic population of Arkansas
  • “Come Put Your Feet Under My Table and Let’s Talk about Race in Our Community” suppers hosted by the Chancellor at the Chancellor’s Residence

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