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Student Records

Approver List (QV)

This quickview report informs the user of who, in their college, has been granted privileges to view or approve graduation applications or students’ request to change their major and/or minor.

Approver List Navigation

In order to access this report you will need to expand the following folders:

  • UALR
  • Campus Reports
  • Student
  • General
  • Double-click on Approver List (QV)

In order to use this report:

  • Select a college from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the level (Graduate or Undergraduate) that you wish to look at from the drop-down menu
  • Select Graduation Application or Change Major/Minor from the final drop-down menu

Approver List

The table will auto-populate with information on individuals who have some type of access to these student requests. It will provide the ID, name and title of the individual and will state if they have viewing and/or approval access at the college, department and program level.

Updated 2.7.2011