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Student Records

Class Restrictions

The Class Restrictions report is a snapshot of the courses that have been created and their enrollment status. This report will also list any class restrictions that are associated with the courses in question.

Class Restrictions Navigation

In order to access this report you will need to expand the following folders:

  • UALR
  • Campus Reports
  • Student
  • General
  • Scheduling
  • Double-click on Class Restrictions

To generate a report you will need to do the following:

  • Select the term you wish to review
  • Select a part of term. Note: Even if there is only one option available you will need to select a part of term. You will not be permitted to proceed until you do.
  • Select a College. You may select multiple colleges by:
        • Dragging your mouse over several colleges
        • Hold Shift while using the arrow keys to move up and down the Restrictions
        • Hold the Ctrl key as you select individual colleges with your mouse
  • Select a department. Multiple departments may be selected by using the methods mentioned above
  • Choose your course status.
        • You may review only the courses that are open for registration
        • Only cancelled courses
        • Both open and cancelled courses
  • You may check the box under Course Status to display only courses that have no room assigned to them.
  • You may also view a particular course’s meeting time and instructor by selecting a course from the Quick View table
  • You will then select Next in the lower, right-hand corner of your screen to preview, save, email or launch the report.

Class Restrictions

Updated 2.7.2011