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Student Records

Student Enrollment by Department

The Student Enrollment by Department report will list every student for every class in a department you have permission to view.

Student Enrollment by Department Navigation

In order to access this report you will need to expand the following folders:

  • UALR
  • Campus Reports
  • Student
  • General
  • Student Enrollment by Department
  • Double-click on List Students

Once you have opened the report you will need to select the term you wish to view from the drop-down menu. After you have selected your term you will be prompted to select your department from the list. You may select multiple colleges by:

  • Dragging your mouse over several colleges
  • Hold Shift while using the arrow keys to move up and down the list
  • Hold the Ctrl key as you select individual colleges with your mouse
  • You may review only the courses that are open for registration

Once you have made your selections the report will generate a list of students that you may view. To generate the list, maximize the window and select one of the three options at the top right of your screen: the blue disk will save the report in a .csv file on your computer, the white letter will email a copy of the report to a specified email, and the green bolt will save the report and open it in a .csv file for your viewing.

Student Enrollment by Department

Updated 1.8.2014