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Student Records

Student Information (QV)

This QuickView displays the following information: Registration Confirmation, Hours Enrolled, Classification, Last Term Registered, Active Application, and any Registration Holds. All information, not including holds, is based on the term selected.

Student Information (QV) Navigation

In order to access this report you will need to expand the following folders:

  • UALR
  • Campus Reports
  • Student
  • General
  • Double-click on Student Information (QV)

To run this report you will first need to enter the student’s Trojan ID number or social security number in the Enter Student ID field. You will then need to select a term from the drop-down menu. The student’s name should appear at this time. If a different name than you wanted or no name should appear then check the Enter Student ID field for erros.

Student Information (QV)

Once you have selected your term the following information will populate:

  • Registration confirmation information: If the student has confirmed registration for the term you selected then their registration confirmation number will be provided.
  • Enrollment: The number of hours they have enrolled for the selected term will be shown.
  • Classification: A student’s classification will be displayed (i.e, Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Last Term Registered: The last time that the student took courses at UALR will be displayed.
  • Graduation Application: If the student applied for graduation then that information will appear in the first, white box.
  • Registration Holds: Any and all registration holds will appear in the second white box.
Updated 1.8.2014