UALR’s Fourth Annual Regional Cooperation Discussion A Success

The fourth annual UALR Regionalism Conference took place Feb. 13, 2008.


View a 5-part video of the proceedings.

This event explored the looming crisis of labor shortages and discussed the implications for central Arkansas. Each year UALR hosts a conference exploring regional cooperation on economic development and other pressing public priorities facing central Arkansas. This year’s conference was co-sponsored by the Arkansas Business Publishing Group and KUAR radio.

The United States faces a potentially disastrous labor shortage in the years 2010 and following created by worldwide demographic shift (Baby Boomers retiring, smaller populations following), poor match between worker skills and job demands, and developing global economies. This labor shortage can have far-reaching consequences with breakdowns in technological systems, collapse of pension and health care systems, and erosion of world economies.

Featured speakers at the conference included Ed Gordon, author of The 2010 Meltdown; Jim Clinton, Executive Director of the Southern Growth Policies Board; and Mike Cassidy, President and CEO of the Georgia Research Alliance. The conference also featured government, education, and business leaders on a lunch panel, discussing the implications of labor shortages in Arkansas and what we are doing to address needs.

The conference engaged participants in interactive workshops in the afternoon to discuss strategies for developing, attracting, retaining, and nurturing human talent in the state.