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Auditing a Course

If you wish to audit a course, you will first have to register for it normally.  After you have successfully registered, click on the word Normal listed under the grade mode of your course. This will take you to the Select Audit Mode page.  If the word Normal cannot be clicked then the course is not available for audit. 

You may also choose Select Audit Mode from the Registration menu of your BOSS account to audit a course.

Once at the Select Audit Mode page, all of the courses you are registered for will appear.  If you see that the grade mode for a course is in a drop-down menu then that course can be audited.  To do so, select Audit from the drop down menu and click the Submit Changes button.

If you should change your mind about auditing a course you may follow the same process outlined above to change the grade mode back to its default setting.

Things to note:

  • You must have a professor’s approval to audit his or her course
  • You may not change your grade mode after the last day of late registration
  • When auditing a course you will receve a grade of “AU” regardless of how well or how poorly you did
Updated 4.15.2013