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Keith Bush, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Keith Bush, assistant professor of computer science in the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT), studies the interactions between learning and nonlinear dynamic systems. These interactions can occur in multiple ways: learning of system dynamics from data (predictive modeling and simulation), learning control strategies within dynamic systems (reinforcement learning), or identification of unknown systems through interaction and exploration (system identification). Applications of Dr. Bush’s research are numerous: medicine, computer gaming, information retrieval, and sustainable resource management. Most recently, he has collaborated with Canadian computer scientists and neurophysiologists to develop treatments of epilepsy by teaching computers how to recognize the development of seizures in brain activity and safely alter the brain’s behavior using small pulses of electricity. Dr. Bush, however, sees even greater potential for teaching computers to interact with complex systems like the brain. He sees the future as neural level interfaces between brains and computers which would improve treatments of neurological disorders but also assist humans in basic cognitive tasks such as improving learning, memory, motor skills, and pain management.

Updated 1.7.2011