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M. Keith Hudson, Director, Graduate Institute of Technology

Dr. Keith Hudson, Professor of Applied Science and Chemistry and Director, GIT, began working with rocket systems some 20 years ago, doing IR emissions work for Hercules Aerospace on their DoD solid rocket motors. He became familiar with small to medium ground test stands, control systems, and methodology during that contract. When the NASA Arkansas Space Grant Consortium was formed in 1991, Dr. Hudson and his students received that organizations first awards. Subsequent funding from ASGC led to the construction of a hybrid rocket thruster currently used in modified form in the UALR Hybrid Rocket Facility ( and NASA and other agency funding. He is the author of more than 50 technical papers, mostly in the combustion/rocket field. These papers deal with instrumentation or methods in spectroscopy or laser applications, but include computer controls, interfacing, and physical measurements. Many of the instruments that have been developed have been ruggedized to enable their use in harsh or challenging environments, such as in rocket motor test stands, furnace port attachment, or power plant stack monitoring. While he has most recently been involved in administration, he has maintained a research lab and worked with graduate and undergraduate students and remains active in publishing this work. Keywords: combustion, monitoring, rocket, plume, IR, spectroscopy, chromatography, detectors.

Updated 5.20.2010