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Belinda Blevins-Knabe, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Blevins-Knabe received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Her training is in developmental psychology and her research interests are in the mathematical development of young children. In addition to work on transitivity, seriation, and addition and subtraction, she has examined the relationship between the home environment and young children’s mathematical development. Parental values, attitudes, and behaviors all influence how well children perform on assessments of mathematics. Currently she is examining the influence of social emotional and receptive language skills on children’s mathematical performance. In addition, she is examining the relationships between literacy and mathematical activities in the home, parents’ reported enjoyment of reading and math activities, parents’ knowledge about their own child’s mathematical behaviors, and children’s mathematical performance. In a low-income sample she and her colleagues have found that parenting behaviors (as measured by the HOME) and material attitudes and beliefs have a direct effect on children’s mathematical performance and also mediate the effects of material achievement in math. She is a member of the Society for Research in Child Development and currently she serves as the secretary for the Society for Research in Human Development. keywords: number development, mathematical performance.

Updated 11.8.2010