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Elisabeth Sherwin, Professor of Psychology

Elisabeth Sherwin, Professor of Psychology, is interested in studying adjustment and growth in individuals facing life’s challenges. Her early worked focused on personality variables facilitating coping and the role that culture plays in that adjustment. Employing culture in its broadest term, her current research has focused on adjustment to disability, traumatic brain injury in particular. She has conducted research investigating the prevalence on college students with traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the challenges they face. Recently she has spearheaded national and international efforts to acknowledge and identify the unique adjustment patterns that women face after a TBI. She has edited a special edition of the Brain Injury Professional focusing on this topic and is currently developing a network of researchers committed to promoting this issue. The focus on women and adjustment continues in her concomitant efforts to identify variables that promote and facilitate leadership development in young women. Here too, culture plays a large role, in who pursues leadership opportunities and the types of opportunities pursued. Dr. Sherwin has worked with the cadets of the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College in capturing their experiences.

Updated 10.15.2010