Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Associates

Faculty conducting research at UALR often include a Post-Doctoral Fellow in their proposals. Sometimes, hiring is required of more skilled individuals, in order to bring in the necessary talent or skills in a particular specific area for the proposed project. While PIs may specify in their proposals a position for these individuals, the skill set needed, a pay level, and other considerations, they must keep in mind that there are rules and regulations that must be met at the state and federal level in all such hirings.

UALR has implemented a system in order to maintain order and reasonable structure to allow you as PI to search for that one individual that will meet the needs of the project, while also meeting all requirements placed on our institution. All positions for hire must undergo a search, unless the position is temporary in nature. We must also work with our campus computerized HR system and input all data in the correct order and format. Finally, prior to hiring, several certifications or reviews must be met, including Affirmative Action and others. A flow chart and the required procedures are described in the links below.

For temporary Post-Doctoral or Research Associate positions, we may use the search waiver form, normally only for cases involving one year at UALR or less. In any case, our office will assist you in determining which procedure to follow. Also, note that for both Post-Doctoral and Research Associate positions, we must meet the federal and state prevailing wage requirements. Again, our office will assist you in this determination along with UALR HR.

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