Composition: Information for Students

Current StudentsThe Composition Program at UALR strives to ensure your success for student writers in composition courses. The foundation provided in composition is intended to develop critical thinking and writing skills to prepare students for not only success in educational settings, but also in the workplace and civic engagement. As a student of the UALR Composition Program, you are being exposed to the rhetorical nature of writing and language. Our rhetorical approach to writing aims to help you negotiate the relationships between language, knowledge, and power.

The Writing Program Administrators Outcomes Statement (WPA OS) are the learning outcomes for UALR’s composition courses. These learning outcomes describes the critical reading, thinking, and writing skills we hope you will develop in your composition courses. You will have many writing opportunities to demonstrate your understanding of composing in multimodalities and various genres for different audiences. These learning outcomes are skills a student will develop over the duration of their composition courses.

Faculty of the program engage student writers in project-based learning and active learning strategies. As a student in our program, you should find small class size conducive to collaborative learning, small groups, and workshops. Your faculty member will generally meet with you one-on-one to talk about your writing and progress; during these conferences, feel free to share your concerns or accomplishments.

The Composition Program believes in assessing writing skills over an entire semester through the use of course portfolios. Portfolios demonstrate the process nature of writing, which you will find evident in the multiple drafts you will produce, as well as in the development of a final portfolio for the course. We employ the use of digitally housed writing portfolio, or an ePortfolio, as an opportunity for you to showcase your work from not only your composition course, but also your work from your entire university education. The ePortfolio you produce in the UALR Composition Program will advance you academically and professionally.

The faculty members of the UALR Composition Program are here to support you as you take composition courses. Please contact Dr. Brian Ray, Director of Composition, at or 501.569.3477/(803) 319-6428, if you have questions or need more information.