Composition Program: Future Students

Future StudentsA primary focus area of UALR’s composition curriculum – regardless of students’ intended degree programs – is to help students clearly develop their ideas through a process of writing with strong arguments supported by research. Faculty in the composition program employ active learning strategies such as in-class, free-writing sessions and group workshops that encourage students to pull from their personal experiences with an eye toward global application. Participating in group activities is a great way for students to learn about different perspectives, harnessing personal strengths, and the value of collaboration.

As a student in the composition program, you will encounter writing for specific audiences, purposes, and context. Oftentimes, you will be asked to determine the appropriate type of document and format to use. Many of these rhetorical decisions require critical thinking. Your faculty member will work with you to determine approaches for these decisions and engage you with peers. The aim of composition courses is to help you see the application for your writing both inside and beyond the academy.

Learning an effective process of writing is essential for every writer. Although doing this isn’t necessarily difficult, it does require focus and time. An average college class requires three hours of classroom participation and at least six hours of individual study time outside of class every week. UALR composition students are encouraged to invest at least nine hours a week in practicing their writing process and learning how to produce texts for different audiences.