Undergraduate: Current Student FAQ

My course requires a portfolio. What is a portfolio, and why do I have to develop one?

First and foremost, a portfolio makes the argument about what kind of writer you are. By keeping a portfolio, you can select writing that is important to you and organize it to present yourself, and your learning, to others. Beyond your writing courses at UALR, a portfolio of your carefully selected projects allows you to represent yourself to potential employers. During your composition course, your faculty member will discuss with you the requirements of your course portfolio.  All Rhetoric and Writing majors should speak with an advisor and see the undergraduate portfolio information online.


Who should I talk to about an internship?

Dr. George H. Jensen (ghjensen@ualr.edu) oversees all of the internships for Rhetoric and Writing.


Are there discussion lists or Facebook groups for Rhetoric and Writing?

The department listserv is rhetbiz-l@ualr.edu. Students can subscribe to the listserv to receive emails about information related to the department, including job and internship postings. Students may also want to join the Rhetoric and Writing at UALR group on Facebook.


What is an independent study? Why should I take an independent study?

An independent study is for a student who wants to undertake a project that cannot be fulfilled in the normal coursework of an existing class. Typically, the student writes a proposal requesting the project under the direction of a specific faculty member, who serves as a mentor during the study. The faculty member will negotiate the terms of the independent study along with a semester timeline. Through self-motivation and mentoring by a faculty member, a student benefits from conducting an independent study by gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


Do we have any student-writing groups on campus?

There are a few writing groups on campus. There is the Veterans Writing Project, which is by veterans for veterans and open to any veteran regardless of their writing level.  Dr. Joanne Matson hosts the UALR Prelaw Society for undergraduate students who are interested in going to law school.


If I wrote something that I think is really good, how can I receive recognition?

Every spring semester, the Department of Rhetoric and Writing selects one student from each course and issues a cash award. All projects are reviewed by committee. For more information, contact Cheryl Harris. Early each spring semester an email is sent out via the department listserv (rhetbiz-l@ualr.edu) requesting submissions. Another way to receive recognition and even be published is to submit a piece of nonfiction writing to Quills & Pixels before the fall deadline each fall. Contact Dr. Charles Anderson for more information.