Undergraduate: Future Student FAQ

What is rhetoric?

Rhetoric is the language we use in everyday life to persuade others. Aristotle defines rhetoric as “the available means of persuasion.” Today, the term describes communication for multiple purposes and in many different genres. Rhetoric can be found in advertisements, web pages, social media, politics, workplace writing, and personal relationships.


What is technical writing?

Technical writing is an informative, educational type of writing that is typically used in the workplace for internal communication (memos, emails, proposals, etc) and external communication (brochures, manuals, letters, etc.).


Why would I pursue a degree in Professional and Technical Writing?

With a degree rooted in rhetorical concepts, a student is broadly employable in a variety of professions by developing tangible skills in document design, grant writing, editing, argumentation, reflection, and creative nonfiction writing. In addition, a student can develop practical skills in fun courses like Video Game Writing and Writing for Children and Families.


How do I find a job after I graduate?

The most effective way to transition from school to a profession is to hold at least one internship during your undergraduate work. In addition, Career Services can assist in mock interviews and developing employment documents, such as résumés and cover letters, to support job preparation.


How would having a minor in Professional and Technical Writing help me?

A minor in Rhetoric and Writing could certainly complement any degree and make a job candidate more marketable to employers. Once on the job, an employee with knowledge of rhetorical concepts is more likely to produce better documents and communicate more efficiently.


Is it possible to get Professional and Technical Writing degree completely online?

No, many of the required courses are online, but at this time students cannot complete a Rhetoric degree online. If you are interested in an online degree with a concentration in Rhetoric, consider a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies or contact Carmen Robinson at ccrobinson@ualr.edu.