“ Theatrical Commerce and the Repertory System…”
Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library
Friday afternoons, Fall 2003



OCTOBER 3: Theater history background (companies & players; patronage & politics; playing venues; repertorial commerce)
Recommended reading (if you haven’t already):

OCTOBER 10: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1583-1594
Recommended reading:

OCTOBER 17: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1583-1594, continued
Recommended reading:


OCTOBER 24: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1594-1599
Recommended reading:

Admiral’s Men Marlowe's plays (except Dido and Ed II), A Knack to Know an Honest Man, S. R. 26 Nov 1595, Q1596; Blind Beggar of Alexandria, S. R. 15 Aug 1598; Q1598; "1 Tamar Cham" (plot only extant), Spanish Tragedy, Comedy of Humours (Humorous Day’s Mirth), Q1597, Captain Thomas Stukeley, S. R. 11 Aug 1600; Q1605 (if it is "stewtley"), plus those plays, now lost, in Henslowe’s diary
Chamberlain’s Men Shakespeare’s plays, up to Much Ado, plus reruns; Mucedorus, Q1598, 1606, 1610, + 5 more to 1621, A Warning for Fair Women S. R. 17 Nov 1599, Q1599; Every Man In his Humour S. R. 4 Aug/14 Aug 1600, Q1601; lost plays: “Hamlet,” “Hester and Ahasuerus”
Whoever is at the Swan (Queen’s in 1595? Pembroke’s in 1597) 3 plays, all lost, from Henslowe’s diary: “Hardicanute,” “Friar Spendleton,” “Bourbon,” plus the ones otherwise unknown in Henslowe’s inventory (?): “Sturgflattery,” “Alice Pierce”' the lost "Isle of Dogs"
Whoever is at the Curtain playing what?
Derby's Men, Worcester's Men, maybe Oxford's Men at the Boar's Head King Edward IV, 2 parts, S. R. 28 Aug 1599, Q1599, 1600; ?The Weakest Goeth to the Wall, S. R. 23 Oct 1600, Q1600
Plays without company assignment Locrine, S. R. 20 July 1594, Q1595; Edward III, S. R. 1 Dec 1595, Q1596

NOVEMBER 7: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1594-1599, continued

The remainder of last week’s plays: Mucedorus; A Warning for Fair Women; Every Man in his Humour (Q version)


NOVEMBER 14: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1599-1603
Recommended reading (I’d rather have you reading plays, but these are pretty special):

Admiral’s Men 1 & 2 Robin Hood, Old Fortunatus, Shoemaker’s Holiday, Patient Grissil, Two Angry Women of Abingdon, 1 Oldcastle, Blind Beggar of Bednal Green, Look About You, and Spanish Moor's Tragedy, if it is Lust's Dominion; more Marlowe Reruns
Chamberlain’s Men Shakespeare’s plays, from Henry V through All’s Well; plus reruns; Every Man Out of his Humour, A Larum for London, Satiromastix, Thomas Lord Cromwell, lost: “Cloth Breeches and Velvet Hose,” “Freeman’s Honor,” ?“Oldcastle”, ?“Robin Goodfellow”
Companies at the Boar’s Head (Derby’s, Worcester’s) Woman Killed with Kindness, other Heywood plays; How a Man may choose a Good Wife from a Bad, The Trial of Chivalry
Companies at the Rose (Worcester’s Men, 1602-3) A Woman Killed with Kindness, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Hoffman and one or both of the “Oldcastle” plays; some teasing titles: “Medicine for a Curst Wife,” 2-part “Black Dog of Newgate,” and “Shore’s Wife”
Companies at the Curtain & Swan?  
Paul’s Boys at Paul’s Playhouse Antonio and Mellida, Antonio’s Revenge, The Maid’s Metamorphosis, Jack Drum’s Entertainment, The Wisdom of Dr Dodypoll, Satiromastix, Blurt Master Constable
Children of the Queen’s Revels at Blackfriars Cynthia’s Revels, Poetaster, The Contention of Liberality and Prodigality, Love’s Metamorphosis, and Chapman plays, most likely All Fools and May Day

NOVEMBER 21: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, 1599-1603, continued

More plays: Old Fortunatus; A Larum for London; Hoffman, Satiromastix


DECEMBER 5: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, after 1603
Recommended reading (if you have to choose, read plays):

King’s Men at the Globe and (1608/9) Blackfriars Shakespeare’s plays, from Antony & Cleopatra, plus reruns; Beaumont & Fletcher’s plays, from Philaster; Jonson’s Sejanus, Volpone, Alchemist, and Catiline; The Malcontent; Fair Maid of Bristow, London Prodigal, The Merry Devil of Edmonton, Miseries of Enforced Marriage, The Devil’s Charter, Yorkshire Tragedy, Second Maiden’s Tragedy, Revenger’s Tragedy; lost plays: “Gowrie,” “The Spanish Maze,” “A Bad Beginning Makes a Good Ending,” “Knot of Fools,” “Richard the 2”
Prince’s Men at the Fortune Honest Whore, two parts; Whore of Babylon, Roaring Girl, When you see me, you know me; more Marlowe reruns?
Queen Anne’s Men at Red Bull and Cockpit Heywood’s plays, including Four Prentices of London, the “ Ages” plays; Wise Woman of Hogsden,2-part If you know not me, Fortune by Land and Sea, Rape of Lucrece, Travels of Three Brothers; also, If it be not Good, the Devil is in it, White Devil, Edward II
Paul’s Boys Westward Ho!, Northward Ho!, A Mad World My Masters, Michaelmas Term, The Phoenix, The Puritan, A Trick to Catch the Old One, The Woman Hater
Children of the Queen’s Revels (Blackfriars) & Ch of King’s Revels (Whitefriars) The Malcontent, Daniel’s Philotas, Eastward Ho!, Marston’s The Dutch Courtesan, The Fawn, Sophonisba, The Insatiate Countess; Sharpham’s The Fleer and Cupid’s Whirligig; Chapman’s Monsieur D’Olive, 2-part Byron, 2-part Bussy, The Widow’s Tears; Beaumont/Fletcher’s The Coxcomb, The Tamer Tam’d, The Faithful Shepherdess, Knight of the Burning Pestle, Cupid’s Revenge; Scornful Lady, Day’s Law Tricks, Isle of Gulls, Jonson’s Epicoene, Middleton’s Your Five Gallants; Armin’s Two Maids of Moreclack; Field’s Amends for Ladies, Woman is a Weathercock; Lord Barry’s Ram Alley, Daborne’s A Christian Turned Turk
Lady Elizabeth’s Men at the Swan, Hope, and Cockpit Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair, Middleton’s Chaste Maid in Cheapside, The Changeling, some old Children of Blackfriars plays, Dekker/Ford’s The Sun’s Darling
Queen Henrietta’s Men at the Cockpit and Salisbury Court A mix of old plays, many by Heywood; also Ford’s Perkin Warbeck and ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore


DECEMBER 12: Theatrical Commerce and the Repertorial System, after 1603, continued; WRAP-UP AND ASSESSMENT

More plays: __________________________________; __________________________________; _______________________________; ___________________________________