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Physics Topics

Vibrating String

Current Balance

"P3 Atmospheric Pressure"  (work in progress)

"sound"- Horn Load loudspeakers  
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"classic equipment" Michealson Interferometer, e/m Baimbridge Tube  (work in progress)

Astronomy Topics 

"asteroids"  Lancia.mpg and Britta.mpg

Telescope Images "ccdimages"

Telescope align and taking solar images hints "telescope set up"

Observatory Archives

"Moon Location Phases", Locate the moon in the sky any day, any time of day

"star charts" Read the charts to determine what stars are in the night's sky.

"analema" Spectacular sun annual path in the sky

"2017 august 21 solar eclipse"

"2015 april 4 lunar eclipse"

"2017 sunrise vernal equinox"

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The "reason" for This

"Loose" Senior Center

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The Physics and Astronomy Department is on the UALR campus in the ETAS Building.  I had the honor of being a faculty member there for 36 years.  The Web Site for the Department is
Below are 3  projected images of the solar eclipse August 21, 2017.  The times shown are UCT, that is 4 hours ahead of EDT.  One image is before the eclipse maximum, one about at maximum and one after. 

Before max exlipseapprox max for michigan eclipseafter max for michigan eclipse

One the image on the left, after RIGHT CLICK on the image and select VIEW IMAGE:  in the middle of the image a few sun spots are visible.

Note on the images above and throughout this site, to display the images larger: RIGHT CLICK on the mouse and select VIEW IMAGE.

Further details and images can be found in the "2017 solar eclipse" topic selection shown on the left of this page.

This is the first exposure done with MY 35 mm camera mounted on the New 12 Inch Meade Telescope
first light moon september 26 2001

This is the first exposure done with MY 35 mm camera mounted on the New 12 Inch Meade Telescope






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