Guardian user guide

Setting up UALR Guardian is quick and straightforward.


Download the app
Search for RAVE Guardian in the app store. Once you enter your UALR email address, it becomes UALR Guardian.

Download the iPhone app Download the Android app


Create a Smart911 profile
If you haven’t already created a Smart911 profile, do so now. This will help complete your UALR Guardian profile. You can skip this step and come back to it later.


Add your Guardians
guardianguadriansYou will invite Guardians from your phone Contacts. Your selected person will receive an invite to be your Guardian by installing the app. Each Guardian you invite will need to download the UALR Guardian app and register.

You can add and message Guardians just like you do with your Contacts. You can easily communicate directly or via group messaging with those you trust – including the ability to send photos.

By having Guardians, you can select who will be contacted if you activate a Safety Session. For example, if you are a student taking an evening class, you can set up a family member or friend to be your Guardian. In your Safety Session, you set a timer for how long you estimate it will take you to travel from your class to your car. If the timer runs out and you haven’t deactivated it, then your Guardian will be alerted as well as University Police.