UALR Academic Scholarship Policies

Scholarship Eligibility Increases

If a higher ACT/SAT score is earned, the student must notify the Office of Financial Aid and submit an official copy of the new scores by the Feb. 1 deadline to receive a higher scholarship award. ACT/SAT score totals do not include the writing test for scholarship eligibility purposes.

Scholarship Service and Course Requirements

Some scholarships require additional obligations. EAST Scholars must work 15 hours per week in the EAST/EIT lab to fulfill their service requirement. EIT scholars are required to work 10 hours per week in the EIT Student Services Lab (freshmen year only). Both EAST and EIT Scholars must successfully complete the first-year experience requirement. Chancellor’s Leadership Corps recipients must complete 15 hours of service learning per semester/30 hours per year, successfully complete PEAW 1124 and 2124 first year, and complete PEAW 3124 the fall semester of their sophomore year. Science Scholar freshmen must successfully complete the Science Skills course in the first semester.

Scholarship Renewal Appeal Process

A one-time “Forgiveness Option” allows a student to make up GPA or credit hour deficiencies during the summer only at UALR before the next fall semester. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for scholarship renewal review after summer course completion.

On-Campus Housing Requirement

Select scholarship programs require students to live on campus during their freshmen year.

Scholarship Stacking Policy

State and federal guidelines for combining scholarships and other financial aid require that the total amount received not exceed the student’s cost of attendance. The cost of attendance includes not only tuition, fees, room and board, but may also cover other educational expenses such at books, travel, personal expenses, study abroad costs, and a one-time computer allowance. While some scholarships can be combined, many cannot, andthe total amount you are awarded can never exceed the annual cost of attendance at UALR.