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Private Scholarships

General Information about Private Scholarships

Each private scholarship is made possible through the generosity of individual and/or corporate donations. UALR donors are deeply committed to the mission of UALR and the promise of UALR students.

Current UALR and New Transfer Students

You are encouraged to review and complete the following scholarship applications for the 2014-15 academic year:

First-time Entering Freshman

Apply for private scholarships by completing the academic scholarship application here:

Application Information
  • Each college has its own scholarship application, scholarship committee, and scholarship selection process. Click on the link listed at the top of each College or section for additional information and scholarship applications.
  • Application deadline for 2014-2015 is March 1, 2014.
  • If you are applying for a scholarship that lists financial need as part of the criteria, you must apply for federal student aid by March 1, 2014. Federal student aid applications are available at: The UALR school code is 001101.
  • Applications must be typed, signed, and dated.
  • Additional Information
  • If you currently have a UALR private scholarship, it may be renewable. The scholarship cannot be renewed unless there is a current application on file.
  • Private scholarship awards may impact other sources of financial aid administered through UALR.
  • All scholarship recipients are required to write a personal letter of thanks to the donor before scholarship funds are posted.
  • Private scholarship funds are awarded based on availability of funds.
      Updated 2.7.2014