Private scholarship recipients

UALR Private Scholarship recipients are required to:

  • Write a thank-you letter to your scholarship donor.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward your degree.

Thanking your donor

Congratulations! You have been selected as a scholarship recipient and will be receiving a monetary gift from an individual, corporation, or family. The donor(s) has invested in your education and this gift brings you one step closer to obtaining your educational goals.

Finding the words to express your gratitude to an anonymous donor can sometimes be challenging or intimidating. Any great thank-you letter should include the following:

  • an appropriate salutation
  • identification of the gift (specifically name the scholarship)
  • an expression of your gratitude for the gift
  • a handwritten signature

DO NOT copy thank you letters from any website or your friends. You have been given a gift, so thank your donor sincerely and from the heart.

Expressing gratitude for a donor’s generosity serves a dual purpose. It provides you an opportunity to share your excitement with the donor of the gift. That expression becomes a treasure for the donor.

Sample Thank You Letter

Renewing your scholarship

Private Scholarship Renewal

Students must reapply each year to be considered for a private scholarship.