Rules Clarification

We will enforce all clarification of rules issued by ASO. We will also enforce the clarifications by the National Science Olympiad that are issued by February 21, 2015.

Division B

Mission Possible B:

4.d.iii Inclined plane….would a zip-line be an inclined plane?


I would say no to that since the national rules clarification read:


4.d.iii. first sentence should read “Inclined Plaes must be stationary and have an object pushed or pulled at least 10cm up and along the surface of the inclined plane to count for points.” (10/13/15)


with a zip line things are hanging from the line not riding on the surface.


4.d.v Screw…Would a tether ball type set up be a screw?


I would say no. From national FAQ:


2016-01-16 12:15 To count for points, does the screw itself have to move, or can we have an object move around the threads of a screw? 

According to rule 4.d.v., the “screw must complete at least one full rotation…” An object moving around the threads of a stationary screw will not satisfy this requirement. Wheel and axle…do the wheels on a car rolling down a ramp to hit another object count as a wheel and axle?


From National FAQ website Does a toy car rolling down a ramp count as a wheel and axle? 

No. A wheel and axle (as a simple machine) requires an input on the wheel or axle and an output on the other end (axle or wheel). A toy car rolling down a ramp does not satisfy the requirements of transferring from one simple machine to another (see rule 3.d).


Division C

There are no clarifications at this time.