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Articles of Interest

Survey Shows Most Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Understand Prescription Drug Benefit ‘Doughnut Hole’ Coverage Gap

j0401017.jpgThis is a news article that comes from the Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report.  This report includes some staggering statistical data regarding the perceptions of Medicare coverage for senior citizens enrolled in this healthcare service.

Survey Shows Most Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Understand Prescription Drug Benefit ‘Doughnut Hole’ Coverage Gap

Quick Reference Medicaid Chart

This is the Quick Reference Medicaid Chart provided by the Division of County Operations.  The 2008 Medicare and Medicaid At-A-Glance guides can be found on this page (a few entries below).

Quick Reference Medicaid Chart

Videotape at Nursing Home Records Abuse

This news article comes from the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Valerie Honeycutt Spears reports on a recent incident involving elder crime being caught on video.

Videotape at Nursing Home Records Abuse

Out of the Shadows: Envisioning a Brighter Future for Long-term Care in America

This research-based report comes from The National Commission for Quality Long-Term
Care (established in late 2004) in order to evaluate the quality of long-term care in the United States, to identify factors influencing the ability to improve quality of care, and to recommend national goals for quality improvement in long-term care.

Out of the Shadows

Senior Citizens Can Lost Life Savings Via Power of Attorney

In this USA Today article, newswriter Sandra Block uncovers a vulnerability that places numerous senior citizens in danger of being victimized by this surfacing method.

Nursing Home Facilities, Staffing, Residents and Facility Deficiencies (2001-2007)

This important study was funded by AARP Public Policy Institution, Service Employees International Union, the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration and The Agency for Health Care Policy & Research.  It uncovers trends regarding the nursing home industry within the United States.

Nursing Home Facilities, Staffing, Residents and Facility Deficiencies (2001-07)

How Engaged Are Consumers in their Health and Healthcare, and Why Does It Matter?

This Research Brief discusses patient activation; refering to a person’s ability to manage their health and health care. Engaging or activating consumers has become a priority for employers, health plans and policy makers.

How Engaged Are Consumers in their Health and Healthcare, and Why Does It Matter?

Medicaid/Medicare At-A-Glance 2008

The Kaiser Family Foundation has updated two fact sheets providing key information about the Medicaid and Medicare programs, including who is eligible for each program, how they are financed and administered, and which benefits are covered.  These two fact sheets are provided below (in .PDF format).

Medicare At-A-Glance 2008

Retooling for an Aging America 2008

The retirement of the baby-boom generation is rapidly approaching. Between 2005 and 2030, the number of adults aged 65 and older in the United States will almost double. This dramatic shift in the age distribution of America’s population will place accelerating demands upon the U.S. health care system


Nursing Home Staffing Standards

Each state has its own standards for minimum staffing, find out what the standards are for your state. NH staffing standards2008.pdf

Older Americans 2008 Key Indicators of Well Being

From population, economics, health status, risks and behaviors, this report gives you a comprehensive guide to the well being of Older Americans. Older Americans 2008.pdf

Kohl Introduces Bill to Protect Seniors’ Investments

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), chairman of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, and Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) introduced a bill Tuesday night to offer states the resources necessary to protect seniors from unscrupulous financial advisors who prey on the retirement savings of the elderly by touting misleading or fraudulent “senior designations.” (more)

Worst Nursing Homes In America Named

After debate on issuing their disclosure, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a complete list of 131 nursing homes with poor inspection records.(more)

Ohio ‘Silver Alert’ would help locate missing elderly

Ohio would create a statewide emergency-alert program to locate missing elderly persons or adults with mental impairments (more)

Federal spending plan slashes anti-crime grants

Law enforcement officials across the country are lambasting the federal spending plan approved by President Bush on Dec. 26, warning that a 67-percent decrease in funding for targeted state and local criminal justice initiatives imperils public safety. (more)

Medicare Drug Benefit Update: 2008 Plan Year Begins on January 1st

Medicare recently released its program for prescription drug benefits for 2008. As the 2008 plan year approaches, NAMI is watching closely to ensure that beneficiaries with serious mental illness, especially low-income dual eligibles, are able to maintain continued access to drug coverage that meets their complex treatment needs. (more)

Prescription Abuse Seen In U.S. Nursing Homes Powerful Antipsychotics Used to Subdue Elderly; Huge Medicaid Expense

In recent years, Medicaid has spent more money on antipsychotic drugs for Americans than on any other class of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, AIDS drugs or medicine to treat high-blood pressure.

One reason: Nursing homes across the U.S. are giving these drugs to elderly patients to quiet symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. (more)

Updated 1.25.2010