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Senior Justice Center


SJC Logo

Below is a list of the Senior Justice Center’s publications:

(with .PDF files of the document, when available)

  • Arkansas Sex Offender - System Map

Sex Offender Map

  • Situational Crime Prevention (Published)
  • Arkansas 2020: The Changing Demographics and challenges facing Arkansas state government in 2020 (Published)

Arkansas 2020 Study

  • Task Force of Arkansas Adult Protective Services: A Report to the Arkansas Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee (Published)

APS Public Health Report

  • APS Case Worker Training: The Complete training curriculum for all case workers (statewide) within the Dept of Human Services – Adult Protective Services Division. (Published)
  • Fraud Patrol Training Program Medicare Independent Study Manual: Arkansas Senior Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Patrol (Published)
  • Fraud Patrol Training Program Medicare Training Power Point Presentation Material: Arkansas Senior Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Patrol(Published)
  • Fraud Patrol Training Program Medicare Participant Guide (Published)
  • Abuse and the Elderly (Published)

Encyclopedia Entry - Abuse and the Elderly

  • Elder Fear of Crime in Arkansas (based on coded Surveys) (Submitted for Publication)

Updated 1.22.2010