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Sequoyah Research Center

Choat, Katherine

United States to Katherine Choat

For services as nurse and interpreter of the Cher. Emigr. Beginning on the 25th January & ending on the 6th day of February 1838. 13 days @ $1 per day                                                             $13.00

I hereby certify that Mrs. Choat a Cherokee Emigrant, was employd in the care of Sally Sauee, who was extensively burned by her clothes taking fire. The nature of the care rendered it indispensable for me to hire a female nurse, & Mrs. C. was employed. At the same time my Interpreter was sick and Mrs. C. attended to this duty also. Her services were arduous and faithfully rendered.

C. Lillybridge, Physician in Cher. Emigr.

Received McLeans Bottom Arks 24th April 1838 of Edwd Dease Lt. U.S.A. Dis Agent Ind. Dept .

Katharine Choat (x her mark)
Witness: C. Lillybridge

Source: RG217, General Accounting Office, Treasury Department, Second Auditor, Indian Accounts, 1817-1922, Edward Deas File

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