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Sequoyah Research Center

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Fayetteville, the other village of any size in north Arkansas, lay in the northwest corner of the state, less than thirty miles from the Cherokee line. The town had been settled in 1828 and was one of the very few important settlements in the state not located on a navigable stream. It was the seat of Washington County, which was the most populous county in the state, and perhaps had the most diversified economy. By 1838 Washington County would have four of the state’s nineteen tanyards, nine of its twenty-three distilleries, and seven of its forty-nine sawmills; it had 9.35% of the state’s white population, but only 3.10% of the state’s slaves and 3.14% of the taxable land.”

Source: Allen D. Stokes, “Arkansas in 1836,” Phillips County Historical Quarterly. June, 1964. Vol.2, #4, p.30.

Updated 10.4.2010