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Sequoyah Research Center

George W. Harkins

George W. Harkins (d. 1890), a Choctaw, was educated at Center College in Danville, Kentucky, and received a law degree from Cumberland University. His 1832 open letter “To the American People” regarding removal of the Choctaws was widely published. In 1834 he was judge Red River District and in 1856 chief of Apuckshunubbee District in the Choctaw Nation west. After the division of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, he lived in the Chickasaw Nation.

Source: H. F. O’Bierne, Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory (Chicago: American Publishers’ Association, 1891), 254; Oklahoma Historical Society, Archives Division, Choctaw—Principal Chief, No. 19457; Chickasaw—Federal Relations, 1888, No. 7072.

Updated 4.19.2010