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Sequoyah Research Center

H.L. Scott to Major General Winfield Scott — October 26 1838

Major Genl. W. Scott
Comdg. E. D. U.S.A.
Fort Leap Tennessee
October 26, 1838


I have the honour to report that in obedience to your instructions I proceeded on the route of the emigrating Cherokees as far as Nashville. The parties of Hicks & Colston whose progress I have before reported on have conducted themselves with the same good order that characterized their march as far as McMinville. The party conducted by Hicks left Nashville on Saturday and Colstons on Monday last.

On my return to this place I passed Bushyhead’s party on Wednesday they were at that time about 13 miles from McMinville and would reach that place the same day. Mr. Bushyhead informed me that about 50 persons under Chunalusky a Brother of Wat-chut-cha had left him either that morning or on the preceding day with the declared intention of returning to North Carolina, he stated that the route they would take would be via Kingston & Knoxville and thence join Thomas’ Indians. He informed me that he did not use any coercive measures for the purpose of stopping them and that he did not think it his duty so to do. Bushyhead’s party deducting these fifty consists of 910 persons and they have with them 50 wagons. He informed me that all the disconteded spirits had left his detachment and that he does not anticipate any farther difficulty. The next detachment that I passed was conducted by W. Jones it consists of 1250 persons as near as I could ascertain and has 71 wagons. It is well conducted, and is only two days’ march behind Bushyhead’s. About two miles on the other side of the river I passed Foreman’s Detachment, it consists of 916 persons and they have 46 wagons.

Daniels’ Detachment was encamped on this side of the river, immediately on the bank, this Detachment consists of 1214 person and has 60 wagons; they will cross the river to day. I passed apart of Warford’s Detachment about 15 miles from here and another part about 5 miles from this place, they will unite to day and proceed on their route to morrow.

The three last detachments have not yet proceeded sufficiently far for me to state what will be their conduct on the route, but if I am to judge by the intelligence and activity of the conductors as well as the good disposition of the people I should say that they will be well conducted.

I am very
Your obt. Servt
H.L. Scott
1st Lt 4th Infy

Source: Lt. H.L. Scott to General W. Scott, October 26, 1838, National Archives Record Group 75, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Letters Received, Cherokee Emigration, Roll 115, S1555 No. 1

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