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John Gunter’s Reservations Land Claim Case



Gunter’s Landing

April 9th 1835

Price of Garrison and Grundy for account and ? of Francis A. Vincent are road wagons and one ox wagon. Both wagons to ? one hundred and sixty five dollars – free of all horses and commissions – for which I am to make of the same where sold after all charges have been paid. (initialed)

John Gunter





Monday August 22 A.D. 1836

The State of Alabama

County Court of Jackson County

Where as it has been made known to said courts that John Gunter late of said County lately died interstate and that the right of granting letters of administration of his estate by the laws of said state doth pertain to said court to the end. Therefore that the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of said John Gunter at the time of his decease may be well and truly administered are by these presents grant to Alexander Riddle high sheriff of said county in whose fidelity in this behalf we have much confidence the full power and authority to administer all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits with the will around of said deceased and which were belonging to the said John Gunter at the time of his death to ask received and recover the same to pay the debts which said deceased stood bound so far as his goods and chattels rights and credits will extend according to the rule and to the order of the law the said Alexander Riddle sheriff as aforesaid and to make a true inventory of the said goods and chattels rights and credits and to execute and return the same into the clerks office of the said county at or before the expiration of three calendar months from the date hereof and we hereby require the said A. Riddle as aforesaid to render to said court according to law a just and true account of the said administration with the will annexed.

Witness Moses Jones Esqr. Clerk of said Court at office this 22nd day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty six and of American Independence the 61st year.

Test. Moses Jones Clerk CC
Issued the 22nd August 1836


State of Alabama

Jackson County

I Moses Jones Clerk of the county court in and for the county aforesaid do hereby certify that the within contains a true copy of the order made by the Hon. Orphanas Camt of said county in testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my private seal there being no such like seal of office, at a office in Bellefonte this 10th day of December in the year A.D. 1836

Est. Moses Jones Clerk CC

Letters of Administration

To A. Riddle Sheriff

J. County

State of Alabama
Jackson County

I Thompson Rector Judge of the County Court in and for the county do hereby certify that Moses Jones is and was at the time of assigning the foregoing certificate clerk of the county court for said county of Jackson duly commissioned and qualified that the signature purporting to be his is genuine and his certificate in due form of law and that full faith and credit is and ought to be given to all his acts as such given under my hand and seal and dated this 10th day of December 1836.

Thompson M. Rector (seal)

Judge of the County Court

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publications, Microcopy 574, Roll 4. Transcribed by Roy Boney, Jr.

Updated 3.2.2010