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According to John K. Mahon, Micanopy was a descendant of Cowkeeper of the Alachua band, and it was by virtue of that descent that he emerged at the time of the Second Seminole War in the primary leadership position. His political strength was enhanced because one of his sisters married Philip, who was probably a Mikasuki. His authority was recognized by Alligator, an Alachua with ties to Philip’s band, but he seemed a leader more in name than from ability. General Clinch called him a man with “little talent” lacking an “energetic character, whose influence derived from his age and wealth. Born about 1795 to 1800, he was about five feet, six inched tall and weighed about 250 pounds. Some observers described him as overindulging and easily manipulated.

Source: John K. Mahon, History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842 (Gainesville: University of Florida Press, 1967), 125-126

Updated 8.4.2010