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Sequoyah Research Center

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

The locality of this town is on the south aide of the Arkansas River, about fifty miles below Little Rock, and equidistant above the Post of Arkansas, on a handsomely elevated bluff bank, the first that presets itself in ascending this noble river. This bluff, and the plain several miles in its rear, are covered with lofty pine of the finest quality, which, taken in connection with a large Cypress a few miles above, and adjacent to the river, which is surrounded by four or five saw-mills, presents, perhaps, the greatest facilities for building, that can be found west of the Mississippi.

For twenty miles above and below this site and on both sides of the river, are to be found the most fertile, wide, and continuous bottoms of land that this river furnishes, principally above high-water mark, affording to the cultivator of the soil, a prospect for the growing of cotton, as well as the productions necessary for the sustenance and comforts of life, not to be surpassed. The Bayou Bartelmew, which runs through this county parallel to the Arkansas river, a few miles south of this place, is clothed with rich bottoms, sufficient to sustain a dense population. This stream already claims a flourishing and increasing settlement.

Source: Arkansas Gazette, Wednesday, August 22, 1832.

Updated 11.2.2010