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Sequoyah Research Center

Postmasters — 1833

Persons employed in the General Post Office with the annual
compensation of each.

Post Offices  Names of Postmasters  Compensation 
Memphis, TN Marcus B. Winchester 709.06
Vicksburg, MS W.H. Benton 846.67
Jackson, MS George W. Coffee 71.90
  Lewis Whitesides 139.16
Arkansas Post  Hewes Scull 70.19
Little Rock  W. Field  336.82
Pine Bluff James Scull 33.26
  John W. Pulan 6.85
Pine Bayou  John A. Allen  3.39
Fayetteville  Larkin Newton 91.34
Fort Smith  John Rodgers 113.38
Fort Towson  George C. Gooding 61.59
Cane Hill William B. Woody 69.15
Cantonment Gibson  John Nicks  120.29
  E.W.B. Noland 167.20
Cabeens  John T. Cabeen 8.70
Blacks  Johnathan Black 3.65
Big Creek James Hanks 3.67
Bayou De Roche Jed Millard 1.15
Batesville Hartwell Boswell 115.74
  Charles Pelham 7.70
Columbia William Moody 62.15
Cossetat  Asa Hartfield 2.22
Crawford C.H.  James Wilson 23.93
  Alexander McLean 4.36
Dwight  Aaron W. Lyon 35.49
Fairview  George W. Stokes  0.71
Grande  A. Furgerson 1.73
Greenock  William D. Fergurson 14.24
Hix’s Ferry  Micheal F. Taylor  3.87
  P.R. Pittman 4.34
Hot Springs  Richard C. Hawkins  20.02
Jackson  Robert Smith, Jr.  8.72
  John S. Ficklin 51.91
Izard C.H.  Jacob Wolf  28.46
Jacobs Staff Joseph Jacobs  9.29
La Feyette C.H.  Jesse Douglass 8.29
Lake Port  Joel Johnson 2.14
  S.R. Gilmore  16.08
Languelle  Archibald G. McDaniel 0.60
Lees Creek  Thomas R. Shannon 2.10
Lewisburg  Thomas Mathews 33.62
Litchfield  John C. Saylor  10.14
Little River Lick  B.H.G. Hartfield  98.13
Logan’s  James Logan  2.06
Lost Prairie  Jacob Buzzard  1.05
Magnet Cove  Alexander L. Rogers 0.16
Miller C.H.  John H. Fowler 8.75
Morrisons Bluff L.N. Clark 19.20
Paraclifta John Clark  2.05
  George Toaffe 7.63
Pleasant Island  John W. Childress 4.58
Point Remove  Frederick Fletcher  18.78
Richland Creek  Thomas Smith  0.93
St. Francis  A. Hendrick 46.06
  Thomas J. Curl 12.04
Scotia  Twitty Pace  5.23
  A.E. Pace  11.68
Spadra Bluff Elijah B. Alston  4.99
Van Buren  Thomas Philips  13.68
Villemont A. Moorehouse 94.67
Vineyard  L. Evans  35.20
White River  William Montgomery  15.42
White Run Peyton Tucker  0.42
Wolf Creek  William Gentry 4.15
Woreagle Isaac Crow 1.21

Source: William A. Weaver, Register of All Officers and Agents Civil, Military, and Naval, in the Service of the United States, on the Thirtieth September, 1833. Key & Biddle, No. 23 Minor St. Philadelphia., 1834.

Updated 8.4.2010