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Sequoyah Research Center

Rock Roe Bayou, Arkansas

” After crossing the White River at Mouth of Cache, which was sometimes referred to as ‘White River Crossings’ (sue to the fact that there were two crossing sites at Mouth of Cache), the road led west through the lowlands on the west side of the river–crossing Rock Roe Bayou, bearing west toward Little Rock. There were ferries as well as bridges on this bayou.”

David Wilder has a ferry in 1839 and 1840. Wilder was given a permit to build a temporary bridge 30 yards below the old bridge.

Robert Stevens in 1840 given permit to build a permanent bridge where the Memphis to Little Rock road crossed. Locals are uncertain where the Bridge was, possibly in the vicinity of Hart Lake. The road was thought to have been north of present Highway 79 leading through Hart Hill.

: Jo Claire English, Pages from the Past: Historical notes on Clarendon, Monroe County and Early Arkansas. Clarendon, AR 1976. p.21.

Updated 11.2.2010