Grades 1-2

July 14-25 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete first or second grade this spring.  These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, a guest speaker, and Brain Games.

Students will select two classes.

Course Descriptions

1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4?
Math (1-D)*

What do architects, scientists, dentists, doctors, and mathematicians have in common? They all use dimensions in their work. What’s a dimension? Are symmetry and reflection the same? Can you win at Polyominoes? Come and see what you can be!

Instructor: Shammi Hulse

China and Its Great Wall
History (China)*

Journey to China and discover the secrets of this ancient land! Learn about the people who built the wall, write top to bottom, and created a world famous silk trade. This is a story for the history books, join in!

Instructor: Derek March

Dino Tales
Language Arts (Dino)

If you like dinosaurs and storytelling, this is the place for you! Learn about all the dinosaurs, their names, and who studies them. Then create your own dinosaur story to share with everyone you know!

Instructor: Darlene Kirkpatrick

Knightly Daze
History (Knightly)

All brave and true! Travel back in time to the days of knights. Learn about knightly duties and knights’ lives. Spend time creating castles, designing armor, and exploring medieval battlefields. Do you have what it takes to be a knight?

Instructor: Debbie Hopper

Microworld Investigations
Science (Micro)

Calling all Scientists! Become a certified Junior Microscopist this summer as we explore the microscopic world around us.
We will investigate cells, sand, pond water, money, and so much more as you solve scientific challenges to earn your Jr. Microscopist Badge. Come join the fun and adventure!

Instructor: Yolanda Rhine

Putting a Twist on Tales
Language Arts (Tales)

Once upon a time I bet you thought you knew Fairy Tales? We will turn favorite fairy tales upside down and around. Has the story ever changed? How hot is too hot for porridge? How strong does baby bears chair really have to be? This might have you questioning how well you really know those beloved tales. You might even change your mind about who the real villains are and whether or not they really lived happily ever after.

Instructor: Jill Wright

Artist’s Time Machine
Art (Time)

Travel through time in the Art Time Machine. Travel back to pre-historic times when men and women paint on cave walls. Visit Van Gogh as he paints in a field of sunflowers. Pop in on Andy Warhol and his many soup cans. We will stop to visit a few other famous artists along the way. It will be a great ride, don’t miss it!

Instructor: Kim Burrow

Weather Reporter
Science (Weather)*

Learn everything you need to know to be a meteorologist just like the ones on TV! Sleet, snow, hurricanes, and tornados…can you tell if and when the weather will change? Do you know why Arkansas has tornados and California doesn’t? Come explore and experiment with Mother Nature! Be ready for anything; come rain or shine!

Instructor: Tara Meacham

Water Works
Science (Works)*

What’s more fun than water in the summer heat? Umm…nothing! Come see the science of water as we learn how to make things float, why some water freezes, and other amazing things that water can do!

Instructor: Brooke Pinckard