Grades 1-2

July 13-24 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete first or second grade this spring.  These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, a guest speaker, and Brain Games.

Students will take two classes.

Course Descriptions

A Trip Around the World
Cultures—Paula Kerr

Take a trip around the world! Learn about countries by studying their language, food, history, culture, flag, geographical location, and more! You’ll have a magnificent time learning facts about each country, making recipes, and singing songs in different languages. In A Trip Around the World, you will tour India, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Panama, Nigeria, Greece, France, Russia, Venezuela, and Antarctica.  Get you passport picture taken and back your bags!

Color Me Awesome!
Art—Amanda Mamula

What is your favorite color? Can color exist without light? Can a shrimp see more colors than we do? Do we see the same color? Let’s explore the fun, magical world of art, science and color…Because how boring would life be without it? Let’s make the world a brighter place by adding a dash of COLOR!!

Dino Tales
English—Susan Rainer (Dino)

If you like dinosaurs and storytelling, this is the place for you!  Learn about all the dinosaurs, their names, and who studies them.  How fast could a T-Rex run?  Were Triceratops’ herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?  What was the average wingspan of an adult pterodactyl? Then you will create your own dinosaur story to share with everyone you know!

Dynamic Dimensions
Math—Keila Moreno Navarrete (Dynamic)

What do architects, scientists, dentists, doctors, and mathematicians have in common?  They all use dimensions in their work.  What’s a dimension?  Are symmetry and reflection the same?  Can you win at Polyominoes?  Come and see what dimension you can be!

Grow with Me
Botany—Ashley Osburn (Grow)

Have you ever wondered how plants get food or survive in the desert? Did you know that the rings in tree trunks tell a story? Through exciting experiments and investigation, you will become a plant expert!  We will investigate the process of photosynthesis, how plants adapt to different environments, conservation, and so much more! So, come GROW with me!

Hey, What’s Happening?
Science—Theresa Hawks (Hey)

Take a journey with me as we discover what’s happening in a physical or chemical change! From Play-Doh to bread dough, we will research and discuss how to tell the differences between physical and chemical changes in matter. We will observe the ordinary changes we see every day and the not-so-ordinary changes when we head to the science lab to tear, dissolve, melt and squeeze matter! Hey, we might even get to “taste” a change or two!

Knight Academy
History—Debbie Hopper

Calling all brave and true!  Come learn all that is required to become a knight of the realm.  Learn about knightly duties and knights’ lives.  Spend time creating castles, designing armor, and exploring medieval battlefields.  Do you have what it takes to be a knight?

Out of This World
Astronomy—Tara Vickers

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off! Do you know who discovered space? Have you ever wondered about spaceships and satellites? Are you interested in a career in space? Join in on an exciting adventure where you will explore galaxies, planets, stars, space technology, and other objects in space! After becoming an expert, tap in to your creative side to build a three-dimensional replica of the Milky Way!

We will Rock you!
Geology—April Blackburn Moore (Rock)

Have you ever wondered what is going on right under your feet? There are many kinds of rocks and soil out there! Did you know that dirt is not an actual compound? So, what is it?! We will learn what about geology labs and do our own rockin’ experiments to see what changes occur in the earth beneath us. Come join us and become a rockin’ geologist!