Grades 3-4

July 11-22 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete third or fourth grade this spring.  These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, a guest speaker, and Brain Games.

Students will take two classes.

Course Descriptions

Alphabet Soup
English Yolanda Rhine (Soup)

Have you ever wondered why food has such a large vocabulary?  How many words are hidden in Cafeteria?  Could you write a review that has people lining up around the block to try the restaurant?  Who would you invite to dinner?  How would you write the invitation?  How might a 6-year-old’s description of a hamburg different from a vegetarian’s?  In our class, we will explore the language of food, through the play of words and writing.  Belly up to the table and join me for a buffet of fun!

Art All Around You 
Art—Amanda Mamula (Art)

Art Is All Around You; you just have to see the everyday in a new way.  Want to make art with “found objects” either from home or from nature?  Ever wonder how an artist could make something from trash or unwanted items?  Or how artists come up their ideas? Well then Art Is All Around You is the class for you. This class will focus on design quality along with re-purposing old/found objects into art masterpieces. We will have “Art Snacks” everyday to help with creating new ideas. Young artists will have the chance to work in 2-D and 3-D in Art Is All Around You.

Back to Your Future 
21st Century—Beena Mubashar (Future)

What will your contribution to the world be? Ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up? Come investigate different jobs around us, and what it takes to acquire them! Do you want to meet some real life professionals? Well, now you can! Let’s work together and explore 21st century jobs and see what you can offer to the world. Let’s learn about different learning styles and careers in a fun, interactive way!

Forensics—Jennifer Thomas (CSI)

It Was You! Come and learn about crime scene investigations. Look into the origin and history of forensic science and how it is used in the courtroom. Examination of crime scenes, safety and evidence handling, and procedures are covered. Discover how to connect people, locations, and objects with a crime scene using the fundamentals of evidence collection. Students will work in teams to resolve real-life case scenarios. Analysis of evidence and problem solving are at the core of this course selection.

Liftoff: Rockets and Rovers   CLOSED
Aerospace Engineering—Elena Lovins (Liftoff)

Come see how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer rovers that can be used to explore faraway worlds. Learn about the International Space Station and what it takes to get there. You will engineer rockets and rovers, test them out, then improve them.  Help explore several planets and moons in our solar system.  How far will your’s go?

The Blue & The Gray
Civil War History/English—Kelly Clark (Blue/Gray)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different time? Have you wondered how work ever got done, how new inventions came to be, or how and why battles were fought? What did a typical day of a soldier life look like?  If you have, come join me for a look back at the American Civil War! We will look at our nation’s divide between the states, how it was resolved, and why it began. Together we will find out about the major leaders from each side of the battle, some of the causes that were being fought for, and even some of the new inventions of the times. We will even have some art and theater to help us.  Come join in on the fun and learn about the great country we call home!

Time-Travel Math
Math—Tara Meacham (Time)

Do you enjoy solving riddles? Would you like to discover how math can help create art? Then, come travel back in time with fictional math whizzes Harriet and Thomas and join Leonardo da Vinci, Dutch artist M.C. Escher, and ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep, on a mission to answer a timeless riddle: How can we solve everyday problems using math? We will be doing such things as learning from the ancient Egyptians about area and perimeter. Come along as we explore advanced geometry concepts through an adventure-filled travel back in time.

To the Rescue: Air Drops  CLOSED
Package Engineering—Holly Jenkins (Rescue)

Put yourselves in the role of humanitarian aid workers. Your job is to drop food and medical supplies from an airplane to the people in a remote area of the world. There is one problem: the contents of the containers are fragile. Come find a way to get everything dropped without breaking or destroying any of the supplies inside.  Help save the world, one parachute at a time!