Grades 5-6

July 13-24 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete fifth or sixth grade this spring. These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, and a field trip.

Students will take two classes.

Course Descriptions

A Mathematical Mystery Tour
Math—Shannon Phillips (Tour)

Join us on an exciting mathematical journey exploring patterns in nature and ancient locations using Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio. Can you find the pattern in a pinecone or a pineapple?  What makes a spiral staircase so special? Find out how the great wonders of the world were built without cranes, calculators, or computer imaging. The tour begins July 13!

Ancient Empires: Anatolia
History—Gulsun Kugu (Empires)

Do you want to know the secret of King Midas? Do you wonder which people used money for the first time in history? Do you want to learn a game that has been played by the Turkish people for centuries?  If so, join us and take a journey to ancient empires!  Learn about this ancient empire, the Anatolian people, and their customs.  This is an adventure you will never forget!

And the Book Oscar Goes Too…
Literature & Theater (Oscars)

Have you ever wanted to go to an award’s show? Would you like to see authors of your favorite books get the same recognition as famous actors, actresses, and even musicians? Maybe you dream of one day writing your own book and seeing yourself walk down a red carpet? This class will give you the chance to plan, develop, nominate, and perform a mock “Academy Awards” for your favorite books and authors. If you enjoy reading books and performing, or just want to improve your oral communication skills, this class is for you.

Follow the Notes
Music—Josiah Wheeler (Notes)

We will go on a journey through time to explore the lives and music of some of the greatest composers in history. You will have a chance to compare music from different eras and put yourself in the shoes of some of the great Master Composers, including Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, and many more.  Would have made the same decisions they did?  Join us and follow some of the greatest notes ever created.

The Birds and the Bees…and Bugs, Bears, and Trees
Science—Charles Halford (Birds)

Arkansas is the Natural State, and many creatures great and small inhabit it. Explore your state’s abundant wildlife from the tiniest insect to birds of all feathers, mammals from small nutria and beaver, sleek deer, and more. Many of these you can find in your own backyard, and we will learn all about them. We will even photograph those that are within a few short miles of here.

To the Rescue: Air Drops
Engineering—Holly Jenkins (Rescue)

Put yourselves in the role of humanitarian aid workers. Your job is to drop food and medical supplies from an airplane to the people in a remote area of the world. There is one problem: the contents of the containers are fragile. Come find a way to get everything dropped without breaking or destroying any of the supplies inside.  Help save the world, one parachute at a time!