Grades 5-6

July 10-21, 2017, from 12:30 to 5:30 pm at UA LITTLE ROCK

Open to students who will complete fifth or sixth grade this spring. These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, and a field trip.

Students will take two classes.

STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Course Descriptions

Bright Lights, Big City  CLOSED
Acting—Belinda Devine  (Bright)

Welcome to acting for the stage!  Have you ever wanted to learn the ropes from a professional actor that’s performed in the theater and on TV?  This is your chance! Come develop the ability to portray dramatic action honestly and believably. We will explore awareness, relaxation, observation, the senses, voice, and physical and emotional life.  Follow in the footsteps of the greatest thespians in history and prepare the way for a Tony or an Academy Award!

Game Show Probability
Math—Brandi Cotton  (Game)

Do you ever wonder who thinks up game shows?  How do they decide who wins?  Are games always fair?  Come find out about probability while playing games like “The Price is Right” and “Deal or No Deal.”  Even a bean bag toss has a calculable chance.  Together you will create your own game show!  Don’t get a double whammy and miss out.

Here Comes the Sun
STEM—Kristi Ward (Sun)

Staying warm inside is always good, but keeping homes at a comfortable temperature takes a great amount of energy.  Come learn to be a green engineer and use the skills to build and insulate your model home.  Let’s heat the world one home at a time!

Roaring 20’s: Fords, Flappers, and Jazz
History—Gaibrielle Hoffman (Roaring)

Gain insight into the events, values, lifestyles, and experiences of the 1920’s.  The Harlem Renaissance, Ford Motors jazz, Temperance Movement, prohibition, Al Capone, The Red Scare, and the assembly line all changed this nation forever.  We will learn how events of the era interact with and influence one another.  How would the world be altered if just one event hadn’t happened?  Find out about the people who shaped the decade that began with the world at it’s fingertips!

SLUFY Newsroom: Ace Reporter Needed
Journalism/Media—Jennifer Triplett  (News)

Have you ever been called nosy? Have your parents said you ask too many questions? Do you want to know everything you can and then be able to shout it from the rooftops? If so, then the SLUFY newsroom wants you! The newsroom is looking for reporters who are curious about the world around them and are willing to learn how to conduct interviews, track down a story and write news articles. You’ll also learn how to use social media responsibly, create a blog and take great photos. Don’t miss out on your chance to see what freedom of the press is all about!

The Olympics: Goal to Gold
Math/History—Zsuzsanna Diamond (Gold)

Excellence in the making…four years at a time…the Olympic Games!  Have you ever wondered how the Olympic Games started or how the Games changed (and changed the world) through time?  What is the true purpose of this event in which so many people from all over the globe participate?  What does it take to become a champion like Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time? Learn about his journey to the top along with other noteworthy champions.  Let’s take the journey to excellence together from goal to gold!

Wonderful Wizarding World of Writing
Fiction Writing—Jayme Yarbrough (Wonderful)

Have you been waiting on your letter to attend the magical school of your choice? This is it!  Welcome to the Wonderful Wizarding World of Writing! In this class you will have the opportunity to explore J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, while also delving into the world of fiction writing. We’ll create our own magical world, enchanting characters, and wild adventures. Let the magic begin!