Grades 5-6

July 9-20, 2018, from 12:30 to 5:30 pm at UA LITTLE ROCK

Open to students who will complete fifth or sixth grade this spring. These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, and a field trip.

Students will take two classes.

STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Course Descriptions


Broadway Bound (Sorry, this class is full; please select another awesome opportunity!)
Musical Theater—Shay  Rafferty (Broadway)

Do you love to sing, act, and dance?  Or… are you interested in how Broadway shows are put together?  If so, then you should be a part of this active and fun class.  We will be creating, designing, producing, and performing – basically having a Broadway blast!  This class will allow you to learn all about musical theater and have the chance to perform a scene from a Broadway musical!


Curious Journeys: Great Explorers and What They Found
History—Regina Bates  (Journeys)

Come along with me to investigate how curiosity has led to great discoveries and fascinating adventures.  We will take a journey through history to learn about how great explorers including Lief Erickson, Christopher Columbus, and John Glenn pushed the limits of what the world at that time thought was possible.  Together we will explore how curiosity, a desire to reach previously unattainable goals, and a longing to travel to unexplored frontiers led to some of the greatest discoveries of all time.  What will you discover in YOUR journeys??



History & Literacy—Gaibrielle Hoffman (Incognito)

ESPIONAGE, SPIES, SPY TRAINING… Want to learn about what the some history books and even your teachers may leave out? Secret(s)…Missions…Codes…Weapons…Forces…Cities… World War II was CRAMMED FULL of secrets! Talk about an equal opportunity job field! You never knew who might have been watching you! This class will provide the opportunity to build your very own secret agent kit and write a spy code! If you enjoy investigating and discovering things meant to be kept hidden from common civilians, this class is for you.


STEM—Jacqueline Daugherty (Magic)

Take a sneak peak into a wonderful world where numbers, ratio, and proportion transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Chalk murals on pavement are explorations of shape and geometric design.  Cookie dough holds the delicious key to understanding ratios and proportion.  What exciting engineering challenges and puzzles will math help us solve?   Join us for this mathemagical adventure and see!


Recycled Racers
STEM—Kristi Ward (Racers)

Turn items that people would ordinarily throw away by turning them into toys, sculptures, and helpful household items. Think twice before throwing that bottle away because it can be turned into the next best recycled racer! You will use recycled materials to engineer your own car to compete in a Recycled Racer Rally. Winning is just the beginning. Reducing the use of materials through re-purposing leads to a greener Earth! Ready, Set, Go!


Sci-Fi Storytelling
Fiction Writing—Jayme Yarbrough (Sci-Fi)

Have you been waiting on your opportunity for space travel and visits to alternative universes? Well, this is it!  Welcome to the class where writing is – literally – out of this world! In this class you will have the opportunity to delve into the world of fiction and explore the art of sci-fi writing.  We’ll create our own spaced-out world filled with characters that are limited only by our imaginations and send them on wild adventures.  Get ready for an imagination blast off!


The Great Escape! (FULL; Please select another awesome class)
Math—Brandi Cotton  (Escape)

Escape rooms are a very popular form of entertainment, and this year SLUFY is offering The Great Escape.  Escape games incorporate team building activities, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, learning, and (of course) fun.  During this class, we will explore two on-line sites that offer pre-made escape kit adventures.  We will create our own escapes for classmates to solve, and we will take a field trip to an escape room.  If this sounds like your type of fun…. go for The Great Escape.