Grades 5-6

July 14-25 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete fifth or sixth grade this spring. These classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, and a field trip.

Students will select two classes.

Course Descriptions

Game Show Probability
Math (Game)

Do you ever wonder who thinks up game shows? How do they decide who wins? Are games always fair? Come find out about probability while playing games like “The Price is Right,” “Deal or No Deal,” and a bean bag toss! We will even create our own game show! Don’t hit a double whammy and miss out.

Instructor: Josh Brickmore

Newton’s Toy Chest
Science (Newton)

Do you want to know the secrete to winning a car race? Do you want to create a magical can and a Grasshopper that would obey your command?. I know that your answer is yes. So let’s dive in to Newton’s toy chest and discover the hidden treasures of Physics using
Newton’s three laws of motion.

Instructor: Yasmin Butte

Calling Sherlock Holmes!
Writing Mysteries (Sherlock)

Do you love the thrill of solving crimes and cracking mysteries? Do you know who did it before anyone else? Then come learn to create your own mystery story! Plots, scenes, characters, tone, and an ending noone will see coming!

Instructor: Marjie Davis

Groovin’ in the Sixties
History (Sixties)

President Kennedy challenged us to take a “giant leap for man kind” and Neil Armstrong delivered. Martin Luther King made us dream of a peaceful country that saw people for more than the color of their skin. The Beatles changed the course of music forever. The people of the 1960’s defined the world as we know it today. Come explore how they did it!

Instructor: Kimberly Carter

Here Comes the Sun
Engineering (Sun)

Staying warm inside is always good! But keeping homes at a comfortable temperature takes a lot of energy. Use your green engineering skills to insulate a model home. Lets heat the world one home at a time!

Instructor: Sandra Leiterman

YOLO (Your Outdoor Living Odyssey)
Science (YOLO)

Does your internal compass point you in the direction of the great outdoors? Dig deep and discover strengths you didn’t know you had while investigating backcountry wilderness survival! How do you read a topographical map? What’s the best way to purify water? Explore how to better direct your own wilderness compass. Do you have what it takes to be a survivor?

Instructor: Holcolm Moseley