UALR is a Smoke-Free Campus

As part of our long-term vision of UALR as an educational leader and a model for addressing difficult issues such as economic development, sustainability, and health care both on campus and in the larger community, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock became a smoke-free campus on Aug. 16, 2009.  This policy applies to all locations of the university, including the main campus, the William H. Bowen School of Law, and the UALR Benton Center.  All individuals are expected to comply.  Persons who fail to comply are subject to disciplinary action. (Chancellor’s Office, 8/16/09)

If you are a tobacco smoker and are interested in kicking the habit, UALR’s smoking cessation program is available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Vanessa Lewis, Coordinator of Health Promotion, Programs, and Education, will provide individualized assessments and support for those seeking assistance with quitting.  After meeting with Vanessa, an appointment will be made with an Advanced Practice Nurse in Health Services to discuss cessation medication options. (Health Services will pay 1/2 of the cost of your cessation medication – you are responsible for the remaining half.)

The Quit For Life® Program is one of the nation’s leading tobacco cessation programs. It employs an evidence-based combination of physical, psychological and behavioral strategies to enable participants to take responsibility for and overcome their addictions to tobacco. Quit For Life® is available through the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.