Lunch’n Learn: The Boomerang Generation

Lunch’n Learn Presentation
Dr. Rosalie Otters
Jim Hollander

Monday April 21, 12 noon to 1 pm
We will meet in room 119, Ross Hall.

The Boomerang Generation
In the early 21st century we live in an increasingly complex time – a time when what it means to move developmentally through the life course may incur many diversions. One response to this complexity is for some young adults to move or boomerang back home. More and more the media is discussing this dynamic, one that is both old and new. Dr. Otters and her husband, Jim Hollander, will offer the results of last fall’s Boomerang Survey of 181 students in the School of Social Work.

We will also discuss the implications for social work.

Boomerang Generation Cartoon

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