BSW requirements

Students admitted to the BSW program are required to take:

  • 35 credits of core courses.
  • 50 credits of BSW courses.
  • 3 credits of upper level RHET courses as approved by your adviser.
  • 3 credits of Abnormal Psychology.
  • SPCH 1300.
  • 12 credits of electives (all of which must be upper level courses in a related field)

Prior to admission to the program, students must take PSYC 2300, SOCI 2300, and SOWK 1301 and have at least a 2.5 GPA in these 3 courses.

Social work majors are not required to have a minor but you may elect to declare one. If you would like to declare a minor, you first need to speak with the department in which you intend to minor and tell your social work advisor about your minor.

Minor in Social Work (limited)

The social work minor is intended only for students who have previously been admitted to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program but do not complete their degree requirements and want to minor in social work. This minor consists of 18 credits and includes the following courses: SOWK 1301 and 15 credits from the following courses:SOWK 3302, SOWK 3303, SOWK 3304, SOWK 3313, SOWK 3322, SOWK 3331, and SOWK 3381. In order to minor in social work, students must have been admitted to the BSW Program, have successfully completed any course they wish to count towards the minor with a grade of C or above, and have a 2.5 GPA in all social work courses. It should be noted that the Council on Social Work Education, the accrediting body for social work education, does not recognize a minor in social work.  Consequently, no professional privileges or practice rights will stem from the minor in social work and the students who minor in it will not graduate with the BSW degree.