Already have a BA/BS degree?

If you already have a BA or BS degree in another major and would like to return to UALR for your BSW degree, the following information may be helpful:

• When you apply to UALR, as a “post-bac” student, the BSW faculty does not have access to your transcript, therefore it is essential that you submit copies of ALL transcripts with your application to the BSW program. Unofficial copies are acceptable as long as they show the course name and number, the semester taken, and the credits and grade you received. Please make sure that the transcript from the school that granted your BA/BS degree clearly indicates that you received the aforementioned degree.

• All students, post-bacs included, must take our three major pre-requisites: SOWK 1301: Introduction to Social Work, SOCI 2300: Introduction to Sociology, and PSYC 2300: Psychology and the Human Experience (Intro to Psychology) or the equivalent thereof. In addition, you must have a 2.5 GPA in these three courses with no grade of D or F regardless of what your GPA is for your three prerequisites.

• All students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 in order to be accepted into the program.

• The state of Arkansas requires that all students who graduate with a degree from a public institution must have American History/Government. If your degree is from a public institution within Arkansas, you have likely met this requirement. If it is from an out-of-state school or a private school in Arkansas and you have not met this requirement, you will have to take an American History/Government (HIST 2311, HIST 2312, or POLS 1310) course in order to graduate with your BSW.

• As a post-bac student, you are not required to have a foreign language.

• Depending on your major, courses from your first degree may enable us to waive some of the degree requirements for the program. For example, if you have taken a statistics or research course in a related field such as sociology or psychology, the BSW program may be able to waive the statistics course requirement. Please ask about this when you inquire about the BSW program.

• Once admitted, you will need to take your social work courses along with two other courses, RHET 3301, 3315, or 3326 and PSYC 3360: Abnormal Psychology, in order to complete your degree.

• In order to graduate with your BSW, you must take at least 30 credit hours from UALR.

• All BSW students are required to take the following social work courses:
• SOWK 1301: Introduction to Social Work
• SOWK 3302: Social Work & Diversity
• SOWK 3303: Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
• SOWK 3304: Human Behavior & the Social Environment II
• SOWK 3331: Social Work Practice I
• SOWK 4332: Social Work Practice II
• SOWK 4333: Social Work Practice III
• SOWK 3313: Social Welfare Policy I
• SOWK 3314: Social Welfare Policy II
• SOWK 3315: Policy Practice
• SOWK 3322: Methods of Social Work Research
• SOWK 3381: Social Statistics
• SOWK 4541: Field Experience I
• SOWK 4542: Field Experience II
• SOWK 4212: Field Seminar I
• SOWK 4213: Field Seminar II

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the BSW program at or by phone at 501.569.3240.