BSW Mission

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is unique: we are the only undergraduate social work program in the state that is located in a metropolitan university as well as in the state’s Capitol.  We are committed to the values of diversity, human rights, and social justice.  With this value base, we educate our students in the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for generalist practice within our diverse population and prepare students for graduate and life-long learning. (Revised April 2010)

Program Goals: The UALR BSW program prepares students to:

1. Engage in generalist practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels

2. Engage in culturally affirming practice with diverse populations.

3. Engage in practice that is consistent with the Code of Ethics.

4. Evaluate individual, group, and community practice.

5. Identify client strengths and challenges.

6. Utilize the knowledge of human development in a social environment to guide assessment, intervention and evaluation.

7. Advocate and promote social justice.

8. Advocate on behalf of policy change.

9. Contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.

10. Engage in life long learning, including the pursuit of graduate study.